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The first steps To Construction of Effective Environment of Work

The companies usually turn to a command building, training, arguments, and still many methods in attempt to solve the internal conflict.
However, people make the decisions based on judgement. How it will benefit me? I spend for nothing the time? Why I have exhausted in performance of someone’s work?
There are many principles how decisions are accepted and that motivates people. However, in the presence of clear understanding how business process as it is supposed, flows within the organisation very much, reduces the staff making responsible someone else.
You can count the command upset and the complaint. You can test increase in design delays. Sometimes the top management feels that they should dictate to colleagues, “as things should be,” but this management develop, only creates barriers from reception of fair ability of penetration into an essence from your colleagues and zashchitnosti increases. Creating system which allows, colleagues to state “decision” with their command will impart behaviour which allows them continuously to aspire to find the best ways to co-operate.
Business Tip of the Rule!
a) If you have Internet system or an internal blog, create a folder where all allow to bring “decisions”. At any time someone has the complaint or wishes to scarify, as things are made, they should state “decision” proaktivno to show an alternative way to deal with a problem. Encourage the command to provide useful offers on ways to improve “our” efficiency duties of the company and full more smooth operation. Important to explain, how at each offer should be the purpose, the centre and clear communications rather, “why” also “that” you try to reach. It will increase, “take shares” and interfere with that staff took these new offers personally. Please note: For the senior managers it is very important to consider these offers on or a monthly basis each two weeks to put into practice a policy. If pass of months before decisions is made, offers will decrease, while frustration increases.
The analysis has told that offers from your colleagues will help to show “real problems”, and most possibly reasonable decisions of those problems.
I have a question for you: how many times the top management makes decisions, without asking those who is involved in daily actions? The difficult situations made, without asking those who is involved, the design cycle is negatively mentioned other processes further downwards.
Business Tip of the Rule!
It is important to understand, how each process mentions other function within work environment. Studying “the Process Cartography” will help you to see, how one activity mentions another and to show, where there are areas of possibility of improvement of process. Showing to your command as each activity supports another, colleagues will start to understand, how each player promotes a command as a whole.
Work environment – effort of GROUP. Growing up this change in reflexion among your players, they will understand is better, how their forces benefit another. Creating a favourable network, colleagues will understand, who to go in for the help. Maximising forces each other, joint actions among all will allow the company to advance.
Business Tip of the Rule!
Construct Trust. Creating environment where each person understands that they – all part of a command and the help it is each other professional, the trust occurs. Address to another when has asked a management. Practice good communications. When the conflict occurs, commands which trust, tend to overcome quickly conflicts to go further with the business purposes.
The compassion, respect, and patience generate the answer. Concerning unique qualities each other and positions of work during high levels of pressure will create faster turn around on your business purposes. Interesting article which strengthens this methodology, name: the Power Good.

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